About ACE

The ACE Awards is a formal event that aims at Acknowledging and Celebrating Excellence as regards employee performance and achievement during the course of the organization’s financial year. At the event, employees who made exceptional contributions are awarded ACEs to reward their accomplishments. The ACE Awards ceremony takes place during the Gala Nite of the annual Sales and Marketing Conference. This however does not restrict the event to members of the Sales and Marketing Department, as a company-wide approach in which all employees in all the departments are eligible to receive the award is adopted.


The ACE Awards are in different categories, which may include Management Excellence, Marketing Excellence, Leadership Excellence, Corporate Impact, Intellectual Development, Innovation, Customer Service, Process Improvement, Teamwork, Role Model and Analytical Excellence.


Nominations on the eligibility of an employee to receive an ACE award are submitted by the employee’s colleague or line supervisor with justification as to why the said employee is deserving of an ACE award. The nominations are then collated and screened for the various categories by the ACE committee, who then make recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) for final selection of awardees.


Awardees are pre-informed of their winning an ACE Award and given the opportunity to invite a select number of his/her family members to be present at the award ceremony. The presence of colleagues as well as family members is to give the employee an even greater sense of accomplishment and serve as motivation toward most outstanding achievements.


The ACE Awards is an annual event which serves as a means to honour employees through recognition of their outstanding performance. It is hoped that it will motivate employees to achieve excellence, reduce mediocrity and challenge all members of staff to consistently surpass expectations and deliver superior performance.

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